5 Summer Car Care Tips

by Driver's Way
7/10/2020 - Pelham, AL

There’s nothing like feeling the wind through your hair or the sunshine on your face while cruising with the windows down. Whether you’re planning a long-distance trip or just a quick drive around town, however, it’s important to prep your car for the journey ahead. Our service center in Birmingham is here with some summer car care tips to help keep you rolling!

Get Your Oil Changed

Before setting off on your next great adventure, be sure to get your oil changed. Our service team recommends changing your engine oil every 3,000 – 5,000 miles, depending on your specific vehicle and driving habits. Clean engine oil will keep all of your car’s moving parts lubricated and safeguard your engine as it works hard on the road.

Check Your Cooling System

Did you know that that number one cause of breakdowns in the summer is vehicle overheating? It is an unfortunate reality but drivers can avoid overheating by periodically flushing their vehicle’s cooling system.

Inspect Your Tires

Tires are your main point of contact with the road and, as such, it’s important to do everything you can to maximize their lifespan. Rotate your tires about every 5,000 miles and check your tire pressure at least once a month. Frequent rotations can help improve fuel efficiency and prevent excess wear. Improperly inflated tires may lead to blowouts or flats, leaving you stranded on the open road.

Double Check Your Car Battery

Battery troubles don’t just occur in the winter–extreme heat and high temperatures can also put a strain on your car battery’s life. Take care to check your battery if your vehicle has been sitting idle or exposed directly to the hot sun. Excess heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate and can damage the internal structure of the battery. If you find your car in need of help, never fear. Birmingham drivers can always turn to the experts at Driver’s way for professional battery service.

Examine Your Air Conditioning System

Your vehicle’s air conditioning system is a must in the sweltering Birmingham heat and should be inspected annually. If you notice any issues such as your A/C blowing hot or warm air, then there may be a leak in the system. Our team of automotive experts can service your air conditioning system and change the air cabin filter at the start of summer to ensure you enjoy a cool breeze all season long.

Get Your Ride Ready for Summer at Driver’s Way In Birmingham

Don’t delay in getting your vehicle in tip-top shape this summer! Contact the team online at Driver’s Way to schedule a service appointment and spruce up your ride!


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