Keeping Pelham Drivers in the Know

While test driving cars is a pivotal part of the vehicle shopping process, many people forget that there's more than one purpose to this. While seeing if you like the way the car handles–from how it takes corners to the rate at which it accelerates–is a vital aspect of car satisfaction, there are other things to consider. First off, you shouldn't only test drive your favorite vehicle; try out a few different rides. Would you buy the first pair of sunglasses you try on? Why should a purchase this big be any different?

If you've done a decent amount of at home research–and you already know the car and the package you want–test drive that specific vehicle. Don't just take the most similar car available for a ride. You want to see exactly how the fancy infotainment system you want works. It may just be more user-friendly than your research suggests! At Driver's Way, you can count on us to direct you to the cars that match your needs and desires.

A Few Tips

Before you schedule a test drive in Pelham, you should remember a few things.

First, you need an appointment. Click on the previous link to schedule one. Also, remember to bring your driver's license and a checklist containing your must-haves features and your "would be nice" amenities. When you actually start looking around the lot, it's easy to forget things you initially thought you needed (such as fuel economy).

Once you get to us and are ready to test drive a vehicle, feel free to ask us any questions. And don't worry, we won't sit in the vehicle with you. We trust you to bring it back to us in one piece. We'll also provide you with all information related to the vehicle(s) you're interested in and provide the CarFax. When you shop at Driver's Way, you get transparency. No gimmicks here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Pelham used car dealer at (205) 982-8326. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.