Best Used Cars for Senior Drivers

by Driver's Way
7/24/2020 - Pelham, AL

Car buying can be stressful, especially for seniors who don’t have the time or means to spend hours researching every option. Older drivers also have more factors to considering when purchasing a vehicle, such as visibility, safety features, and user-friendly technology. At Driver’s Way in Pelham, we aim to simplify the process and have plenty of used cars to choose from for senior drivers!

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai has a stellar reputation as a reliable brand, and the Sonata is well-known for its excellent fuel economy. The Hyundai Sonata has supportive seats for passengers of all ages and enough trunk space to fit your groceries or your set of golf clubs. Newer models offer attractive technology and helpful driver-assistive features, but regardless of the model year, the Hyundai Sonata is a vehicle you can depend on!

Ford Fusion

Are you in the market for a four-door sedan? Our Pelham used car dealership has you covered with the Ford Fusion! This sedan sits lower to the ground than an SUV or crossover, making it easier for older drivers to climb inside and out safely. Drivers can also adjust the seating to their liking for enhanced visibility thanks to available power height adjustments.

Nissan Rogue

While the Nissan Rogue may seem intimidating, this SUV offers everything a senior driver might want and more! Besides boasting a reasonable price point, the Nissan Rogue has comfortable seating, approachable technology, and exceptional visibility. This SUV provides a commanding view of the road without forcing drivers to crane their necks to see better.

Schedule a Test Drive at Driver’s Way In Pelham

If you’re a senior citizen searching for a used vehicle that will meet all of your driving demands, be sure to visit us at Driver’s Way in Pelham! Our team can assist in navigating our used car inventory and help you find the perfect vehicle at an affordable price.


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