Do I need new brakes?

by Driver's Way
10/22/2019 - Pelham, AL


Internal issues can often go overlooked, but as the most important safety feature on your vehicle, your brakes should always be in tip-top condition. Servicing your brakes in a timely manner can also save you money in the long run, but how do you know when you need new brakes? Our Birmingham service center has put together this list of warning signs to help drivers stay ahead of the game!

Odd Noises

Sharp squealing, screeching, rubbing, grinding, or other ear-piercing noises are often the first sign that it's time for new brakes. Some brake pads are now manufactured with "wear-indicators" that emit squeaks or clicks when it's time to replace them, but if you're hearing these persistent noises it could mean your brakes are at the end of their lifespan.

Vibrations or Pulsations

Another sign that it may be time to replace your brake pads is a vibrating steering wheel or brake pedal. This is not normal and receiving this kind of push-back while trying to stop your car can mean that your brakes have worn out. It's important to take your ride to a trusted mechanic, such as our service center in Birmingham, to receive brake service and avoid any future damage to your ride or a potential accident.

Less Responsive Than Usual

If your brakes not as responsive as they used to be and require you to press down farther than usual to bring your car to a full stop, then your vehicle's brakes are most likely wearing out. This can happen when drivers frequently apply the brakes over a long distance without fully stopping, such as when traveling down a hill or over a winding road. While sometimes necessary, it can take a toll on your brake's ability to generate the needed friction and ultimately affect your ability to stop. When this occurs, be sure to take it to a trusted mechanic right away!

Brake Warning Light

The most straightforward of all the signs of brake wear, if your brake warning light illuminates in your vehicle's instrument panel, visit us as soon as possible for brake repair or brake inspection.

If you find your vehicle's brakes not quite performing the way they should or notice any of the warning signs listed above, be sure to contact the professionals at Driver's Way as soon as possible to schedule a service appointment and receive the peace of mind you deserve.


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