Make Sure Your Vehicle is Prepared for Winter in Alabama

by Driver's Way
12/14/2020 - Pelham, AL

If there's one thing we know here at Driver's Way Pelham, it's that you can't predict Mother Nature's next move. With winter weather quickly approaching, we highly recommend that our customers in and around Pelham and Birmingham schedule a winter service appointment with our team of technicians.

Scheduling season service appointments, especially before winter, is the key to safe and smooth driving all season long. No one wants to get stuck out in the cold with a dead battery or worse during a storm or chilly conditions.

The Driver's Way Pelham service team is available to properly prepare your vehicle for wintry conditions and keep you warm and safe this season. Our team will happily take care of essential services for you like changing your oil, aligning your front end, installing snow tires, replacing your wiper blades, inspecting your brakes, topping off your engine's fluids, including antifreeze, testing your battery and washing or detailing your car. If your car needs more pressing service, a repair or a part replacement, we're on it.

There's nothing our team of expert technicians can't take on, and our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the machinery and technology needed to get any job done right.

Don't wait to schedule your winter service appointment Driver's Way Pelham. We're ready to help you navigate Alabama winters with ease.