How Routine Service with Driver's Way Helps Your Car's Value Over Time in Pelham

by Driver's Way
9/7/2021 - Pelham, AL

Most people on the roads of Birmingham would say that they love having a car—it's pretty vital here in the city, and it's a key to discovering new opportunities in the region as well as getting to and from your daily commitments safely. If you've ever had a car problem where your vehicle has been out of commission for a few days or weeks—you know the challenges. That's all the more reason to stay on top of your routine service intervals and care for your car preemptively. 

Instead of waiting for something to go wrong before coming in for an appointment, get your car maintenance to stay on top of wear and tear. Learn more about these perks today with your local Driver's Way Pelham dealership and service experts.

Key Benefits to Routine Service with Driver's Way

When you stay on top of routine service appointments and take care of repairs swiftly, you're doing your vehicle several benefits. Whether you drive an older model, or a shiny new SUV or truck, these routine maintenance appointments are vital. For starters, you'll find that small problems can be caught by our experts and taken care of at a competitive price, before they become larger, more costly problems.

Perhaps most importantly, routine maintenance and fixing small repairs are all about maintaining your vehicle's safety. Letting your tires go unrotated for years will cause them to wear down unevenly and result in a worsening tread that can be slick, or ignoring your fluid levels could cause a sudden breakdown in heavy traffic.

We also often like to make our local customers and drivers aware that staying on top of maintenance is vital for retaining your model's resale value. When you have a great track record of taking your vehicle to the service center every few months, or at the recommended times, all of that information goes on your car's vehicle history report, which is often sold with the vehicle in a used car sale. 

Having a detailed vehicle history report with evidence of good care by the previous owner will ensure you get as high a resale value as possible of your model should you decide to sell.

Service Your Car with the Driver's Way Team near Alabaster

We specialize in selling pre-owned vehicles, which means that our team of experts knows a wide variety of makes, models, body styles, and engine configurations, instead of specializing in one brand like some other dealerships. Car owners find that we can take care of all your vital routine maintenance needs, such as oil changes, tire rotations, and battery replacements with ease. 

We know which recommended services you need and we only use genuine parts. Repairs are done with the highest quality tools and are designed to last you for many miles into the future. We highly encourage our local shoppers to explore some of our service resources online about our service department's expertise, the benefits of regular oil changes, and more.

Schedule Your Car Service or Repair Today near Hoover

Are you ready to take your vehicle's service schedule to the next level? You can do so with your local Driver's Way Pelham while saving money, too. We have numerous rotating special offers on common service needs that we think you'll appreciate, as well as a robust used inventory for you to shop if you're in the market for a driveway refresh. Want to book your appointment or have questions? Please give us a call today to get started.



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