Tips For Your Car When You’re About to Run Out of Gas

by Driver's Way
2/11/2019 - Pelham, AL

Gas light

Unfortunately, poor planning and overestimating your gas mileage can certainly take a toll on your car. Even the best of drivers might find themselves panicking when the fuel light comes on, hoping they don’t wind up stranded on the side of the road. When you’re running on empty with no gas pump in sight, our used car dealership in Birmingham encourages you to stay calm, and follow these six helpful tips:

1. Get Your Bearings

As soon as the gas light comes on, you should pull over to the side of the road and locate the nearest gas station using your car’s navigation system or your smartphone.

2. Slow Down

Don’t speed up to get to the gas station quicker, or you might not make it there. Since vehicles are the most fuel-efficient at 35 to 45 mph, it’s important to drive slow, if possible. If you’re on a fast-moving highway, however, you should drive at the necessary mph.

3. Turn off the AC

Even if it’s a hot summer day, the air conditioning should be the first thing to go. Turning off the air conditioning reduces engine stress and will help to save fuel.

4. Ditch the Accessories

Turn off the stereo, especially if it’s high-powered, along with any other electrical devices, such as a charging phone. Although the fuel savings is small, it could make a difference in how long your car will last on the roads.

5. Keep the Windows Up

Driving with your windows rolled up will reduce wind resistance on your vehicle. Unfortunately, this might make your drive a little uncomfortable due to the lack of air conditioning.

6. Drive Downhill

Given your whereabouts, you might not have the option to drive downhill. But, if your navigation app finds two gas stations close by and one is downhill, you should go to that one. It requires much less gas to coast downhill than to climb a grade.

Filling your car's gas

Worried About Running Out of Gas? Birmingham Drivers Should Plan Ahead

With these tricks and some luck, you should make it to a gas station on fumes. However, you should not make it a habit to drive with the gaslight on. If you run the car low on fuel consistently, the fuel pump can wear prematurely and potentially fail, requiring you to receive service on your vehicle.

To avoid running out of gas, you should always plan ahead. If you’re embarking on a long road trip, you should locate gas stations along your route ahead of time. Pinpoint when and where you’re going to stop, that way you don’t have to worry about passing the last gas station around for miles. If you’re driving in an area with few fueling stations, you might want to consider bringing along a container of gas, just in case.

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