Trunk-or-Treating Ideas

by Driver's Way
10/19/2018 - Pelham, AL

Amp up your creativity this Halloween and participate in your local trunk-or-treating event. Not only is it extremely fun for the whole family, but it provides a safe trick-or-treating environment for children, and requires a lot less walking! If you’re short on ideas for a trunk theme, our used car dealership in Pelham has a variety of amazing suggestions to make your decorated vehicle stand out among the rest!

Whether you’re hoping to make your trunk spooky, stylish, or amusing, consider these great eye-catching themes:

Trunks to Frighten

If you want to stick to true Halloween spirit, we suggest stocking up on fake cobwebs, plastic eyeballs, or even realistic looking skeletons. Those who dress up as ghosts, monsters, and witches will certainly enjoy these super scary trunks!

1. Haunted House

Haunted House

2. Crime Scene

Crime Scene

3. Spiders


Pop (the Trunk) Culture

If you’re always on top of the latest pop culture trends, or prefer to allude to some of the greatest pop culture references of your time, these trunk themes are ideal for you! From sports, to movies, to board games; we have you covered.

1. Your Favorite Sports Team

Your Favorite Sports Team

2. The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin

3. Candy Land

Candy Land

Fun Trunks for All

If you’re hoping to get a chuckle, or simply entertain, we have some trunks up our sleeve that’ll be sure to spark your interest. These fun and innovative themes are guaranteed to make a statement!

1. Circus


2. Mouth Full of Candy

Mouth Full of Candy

3. Treasure Chest

Treasure Chest


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