Will a Reusable Engine Air Filter Get Me Better Gas Mileage?

by Driver's Way
8/1/2019 - Pelham, AL

Changing engine air filter

Certain manufacturers out there claim that using a reusable engine air intake filter will provide better airflow to your engine. This maintenance item has even been thought to increase your car’s horsepower, acceleration, and fuel economy. While these companies promote the “benefits” of using a reusable engine air intake filter, our Alabaster area used car dealership is here to give you the facts.

Learn The Truth About Reusable Engine Air Filters From Driver’s Way Near Alabaster

Reusable engine air intake filters are generally constructed with cotton or nanofibers. Some are washable and can be cleaned with a special oil, with one brand claiming that these filters can last for up to a million miles! Many filters are designed to replace the car’s stock paper air filters provided by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Although the claims seem logical in the sense that the better the engine can breathe, the faster it’ll go, independent tests have proven that engine air filters hardly provide any performance benefits. Some filters even allow more dirt into the engine, which can then get into your engine oil and cause damage to the unit. 

Additionally, the EPA has conducted tests that compared clogged conventional air filters against new ones, and found no significant loss of fuel economy from a clogged air filter. However, they did find in a test of gasoline-powered vehicles that acceleration improved with a clean air filter.

Though reusable filters can last longer, they are significantly more expensive than conventional filters and require much more cleaning. The team at our Alabaster area service center does not recommend using a reusable air filter, and encourage our drivers to use a conventional filter instead. 

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Driver’s Way today! 


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