Importance of Wiper Fluid

If you’re driving through mud, get hit with pollen, or encounter a nasty swarm of bugs; you’re going to thank your wiper fluid for ridding your windshield of the filth that comes its way. Always keep your windshield clean and clear, and make sure you have plenty of wiper fluid in your washer system at all times. Without wiper fluid, you can risk having a streaked or smeared windshield, which can ultimately compromise your safety on the roads.

Not only does washer fluid aim to provide a clear view, but it also serves as an important function for your car. It keeps the washer fluid pump lubricated; and if the pump is not filled with fluid, it could corrode, leak, or even stop working altogether. If you dare to turn on your washer system without the fluid inside, it could get completely destroyed.

Make sure to always maintain the recommended amount of antifreeze and wiper fluid that’s suitable for the climate you live in. Some drivers make the mistake of using plain water instead of the appropriate fluid. This is a no-go. It can freeze in cold weather, or even develop bacteria during the hot summer.

You should also frequently inspect the washer system’s nozzles to make sure they spray evenly across your windshield glass and cover the whole area that is being cleaned by the wiper blades. Moreover, check the wiper blades themselves to see if the rubber portion is still perfectly intact. The peeling rubber will ultimately cause streaks, and can even permanently damage your windshield.

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